Friday, April 24, 2009


Poughkeepsie Weekly Beat: "Recently a cast and crew from THE SIMON STUDIO wrapped shooting on JIMMY'S CAFE, a 30 minute movie filmed on location at Alex's Restaurant in downtown Poughkeepsie. The project reflects an emerging trend in filmmaking. Signs suggest that the Hudson Valley may be ripe for such a development. Roger Hendricks Simon, who stars as Jimmy and recently starred in the critically acclaimed feature film THE SUBLET, says JIMMY"S CAFE is intended as a half hour pilot for a possible television series about getting your life together and finding love in middle age. "There's a certain audience that's middle aged in TV that's been ignored a lot," he said. "For our cast and crew we have been able to draw on the community...rather than just bring the New York City people in and let local folks be an audience. Hopefully that's how you integrate into a community and develop it." Dan Simon, the director of JIMMY'S CAFE, has just finished directing another new film LATE NIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. He said that the prevalence of upstart film festivals, DVDs, and high speed internet connections mean that young filmmakers don't have to pine for for the multiplex. "People don't need to have their films released in theaters," he said. "There are certainly a lot more options for filmmakers...There's always room for good storytelling and good acting, no matter what name markets it." Contact THE SIMON STUDIO in NYC and Poughkeepsie at 212-841-0204/

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